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By Rabbi Yitzchok Rubin

At the end of this week’s parsha, Parshas Shoftim, the Torah teaches us many of the different halachos that pertain to being engaged in war. It begins by telling us who is obligated to go out to war, addresses how we should speak to the enemy, and the hierarchy of who is killed and who remains as prisoners.  This is followed by the Torah commanding us not to chop down fruit trees for use in the war.  Finally, the beginning of next week’s parsha, Parshas Ki Seitzei, starts off with the halachos of yifas toar. (a Non-Jewish female captive). However, before the start of Ki Seitzei, the Torah interjects with the parsha of “ki yematze chalal baadama,” where the laws of egla arufa, (when a Yid is found mysteriously murdered on the road) are described. This begs the question, why does the Torah pause in the middle of the description of the various halachos of war and bring in egla arufa?

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