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By Rabbi Rephoel Hess

After Yosef interpreted Paroh’s dreams, he made the following recommendation: to appoint an “Ish navon v’chacham” to oversee the supply of food in Mitzrayim. Paroh said to his servants: “Is it to be found a man such as this- that the ruach of Hashem is in him?” He then said that since there is no other Navon V’chacham, Yosef will be the new viceroy in Mitzrayim.

The word Navon is related to “Binah”, and as the Rashbam explains, it is the ability to see the long-term effects of a present situation. Chazal say that someone with Binah is “Mavin Davar Mitoch Davar: he can see beyond what is apparent, and build on that further.  However, the question is: what does this have to do with “Ruach Elokim Bo: what is this Ruach, and how does it pertain to Yosef’s binah and his “visionary” ability to rule Mitzrayim?

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