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By Rabbi Eliezer Krohn

In this week’s Parsha the Korban Todah is discussed. The Midrash connects this to the Passuk in Tehillim (50:23) Zoveach Todah Yichabduneni. Why is there two letter “nun”s in the last word? Because it is Kavod Achar Kavod, a double honor to Hashem. What does this mean?

The Ksav Sofer explains based on the famous expression in Berachos 54A: A person is obligated to bless Hashem for the bad just as he is obligated to bless Hashem for the good. A person brings a Korban Todah when he was in a precarious situation and survived. One may think that we are only thanking Hashem for the savior, but the suffering that came beforehand was something that we preferred never happened in the first place. But the Mishnah is telling us not so. We need to recognize that everything that happens to us in life, even the suffering, has a purpose, even if at this point we do not understand it. That is Kavod Achar Kavod. To bring the Korban Todah, thanking Hashem for both the good, and the bad that preceded it.

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