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By Rabbi Avrohom Gold

In this week’s Parsha, Hakadosh Baruch Hu gives Klal Yisrael their first mitzvah – the Mitzvah of Kiddush Hachodesh. In Sanhedrin (42a) Rav Asi quotes R’ Yochanan who notes the similarity between the language of “Hachodesh Hazeh Lachem” (12:2) and the Passuk “Ze Kaili V’anvaihu”. R’ Yochanan learns from this similarity that saying Kiddush Levana in its proper time is comparable to greeting the Shechina, just like B’nei Yisrael  were able to point and proclaim “Ze Kaili” – this is Hashem, when they walked through the Yam Suf. What makes Kiddush  Hochodesh so great? And why does R’ Yochanan stress that this applies when it is said in its proper time?

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Rav Shmuel Kamenetsky shlita and Rav Avrohom Schorr shlita speaking at an evening of Chizuk.