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By Rabbi Refoel Hess

The פסוקים talk about the procedure that is carried out in the case of the סוטה who is disloyal to her husband and is found secluded with another man. Part of this process is that the wife is given a special mixture to drink, which serves as the determinant as to whether she is saying the truth or not. If she is not, she dies an awful death. If in fact she is not lying, she receives a  ברכהas a result. What is interesting in this mixture is how the תורה requires “dirt” as one of the ingredients-but not just any dirt: only from the dirt “that is found in the floor of the משכן”. What is the significance of this dirt; and why only from the floor of the משכן? And furthermore: why is it that the תורה chooses to refer only to the “משכן”: wouldn’t it be more appropriate to say “מקדש”, which would include the more permanent בית הקדש?

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