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By Rabbi Yosef Yaakov Marcus

 The date of   תשעה באבin the Jewish calendar is traditionally observed as a day of mourning, complete with the recital of איכה and a multitude of קינות. This year, however, with the Ninth of Av occurring on שבת, there seems to be almost no mention of the tragedies which befell us on this day, nor do we sit on the ground or act as mourners.  We proceed with שבת as usual, with the same תפילות, סעודות, and most of the same activities as every other week. Even the customary סעודת המפסקת menu of the egg and the bread dipped in ashes is remarkably absent. Amazingly enough, Chazal tell us (Ta’anis 29b) that “on תשעה באב that falls on שבת, one may eat and drink whatever one wishes, and have a table as laden even as that of שלמה המלך in his prime.” What happened to remembering the בית המקדש  חורבןwhich occurred on this day? We can understand that it’s שבת and the actual laws of mourning are postponed, but why should we act as if there were no calamities that transpired on this day in our history? R’ Shimshon Pincus זצ”ל answers

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